Important Abbreviations on RBI, Banking and Indian Economy – Part II

IDPMS – Import Data Processing and
Monitoring System
IFA – International Financial Architecture
IFSC – International Financial Services
IGBC – Indian Green Building Council
IIFCL – India Infrastructure Finance Company
IIP – Index of Industrial Production
IMFC – International Monetary and Financial
IMPS – Immediate Payment Service
IMSS – Integrated Market Surveillance
Ind AS – Indian Accounting Standards
InvITS – Infrastructure Investment Trusts
IOS – Industrial Outlook Survey
IPPB – India Post Payment Bank
IRRS – Integrated Rajbhasha Reporting
IT-SC – Information Technology SubCommittee
LAF – Liquidity Adjustment Facility
LBS – Lead Bank Scheme
LDOs – Lead District Officers
LEF – Large Exposures Framework
LEI – Legal Entity Identifier
LIBOR – London Inter-Bank Offered Rate
LTROs – Long Term Repo Operations
MANI – Mobile Aided Note Identifier
MCLR – Marginal Cost of Funds-based
Lending Rate
MIS – Management Information System
MPC – Monetary Policy Committee
MSMEs – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
NACH – National Automated Clearing House
NBFC – Non-Banking Financial Company
NBFI – Non-Bank Financial Intermediation
NDDCs – Non-Deliverable Derivative Contracts
NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer
NETC – National Electronic Toll Collection
NGFS – Network for Greening the Financial
NIIF – National Investment and Infrastructure
NOC – Network Operation Centre
NPCI – National Payments Corporation of
NSFI – National Strategy for Financial
NSFR – Net Stable Funding Ratio
OBO – Office of Banking Ombudsmen
OLTAS – Online Tax Accounting System
OTC – Over The Counter
PADO – Public Administration, Defence and
Other Services
PDIs – Perpetual Debt Instruments
PFCE – Private Final Consumption
PIDF – Payments Infrastructure Development
PoS – Point of Sale
PPIs – Prepaid Payment Instruments
PSLCs – Priority Sector Lending Certificates

PSOs – Payment System Operators
QPM – Quarterly Projection Model
RAM-OR – Risk Assessment Methodology for
Operational Risk
RBIA – Risk Based Internal Audit
RDBs – Rupee Denominated Bonds
ReBIT – Reserve Bank Information Technology
Private Limited
RegTech – Regulatory Technology
ReITS – Real Estate Investment Trusts
RIDF – Rural Infrastructure Development
RTGS – Real Time Gross Settlement
SAs – Statutory Auditors
SDLs – State Development Loans
SDMX – Statistical Data and Metadata
SEs – Supervised Entities
SFBs – Small Finance Banks
SFMS – Structured Financial Messaging
SGBs – Sovereign Gold Bonds
SNRR – Special Non-Resident Rupee
SOFR – Secured Overnight Financing Rate
SONIA – Sterling Overnight Index Average
SPDs – Standalone Primary Dealers
SPMCIL – Security Printing and Minting
Corporation of India Limited
SRB – Self-Regulatory Body
SRO – Self-Regulatory Organisation
SupTech – Supervisory Technology
SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank
Financial Telecommunication
TAT – Turn Around Time
T-Bills – Treasury Bills
TCFD – Task Force on Climate-related
Financial Disclosures
TIN – Tax Information System
TLTROs – Targeted Long Term Repo Operations
TOLIC – Town Official Language
Implementation Committee
TReDS – Trade Receivables Discounting
UPI – Unified Payment Interface
V-CIP – Video-based Customer Identification
VRR – Voluntary Retention Route
WACR – Weighted Average Call Rate
WALR – Weighted Average Lending Rate
WAM – Weighted Average Maturity
WAS – Weighted Average Spread
WAY – Weighted Average Yield
WLA – White Label ATM
WMA – Ways and Means Advances
XBRL – eXtensible Business Reporting

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