Important Abbreviations on RBI, Banking & the Indian Economy – Part I

ADEPT – Automated Data Extraction Project
AePS – Aadhar Enabled Payment System
ALM – Asset-Liability Management
AMRMS – Audit Management and Risk
Monitoring System
AQI – Asset Quality Index
ARCs – Asset Reconstruction Companies
ARMS – Audit and Risk Management SubCommittee
BBPOUs – Bharat Bill Payment Operating Units
BBPS – Bharat Bill Payment System
BCBS – Basel Committee on Banking
BCP – Business Continuity Plan
BCSBI – Banking Codes and Standards Board
of India
BFS – Board for Financial Supervision
BHIM – Bharat Interface for Money
BIS – Bank for International Settlements
BNII – Bank-NBFC Intermediation Index
BPSS – Board for Regulation and Supervision
of Payment and Settlement Systems
BRBNMPL – Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran
Private Limited
BSBDAs – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts
BSC – Building Sub-Committee
CA – Concurrent Audit
CAD – Current Account Deficit
CBDT – Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBIC – Central Board of Indirect Taxes and
CCB – Committee of the Central Board
CCIL – Clearing Corporation of India Limited
CCM – Committee on Currency Movement
CCO – Chief Compliance Officer
CDDP – Committee on Deepening of Digital
CDS – Credit Default Swaps
CFL – Centre for Financial Literacy
CFR – Central Fraud Registry
CGFMU – Credit Guarantee Fund for Micro Units
CGFS – Committee on the Global Financial
CICs – Core Investment Companies
CIMS – Centralised Information Management
CMBs – Cash Management Bills
CoCR – Charter of Customer Rights
CRAR – Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio
CRE – Commercial Real Estate
CRILC – Central Repository of Information on
Large Credits
CSAA – Control Self-Assessment Audit
CSF – Consolidated Sinking Fund
CSRC – China Securities Regulatory
CTS – Cheque Truncation System
CVPS – Currency Verification and Processing
CWBN – Cylinder Watermarked Bank Note
DFIs – Development Finance Institutions
DIAs – Deposit Insurance Agencies
DIF – Deposit Insurance Fund
DPI – Digital Payments Index

ECCS – Express Cheque Clearing System
EDPMS – Export Data Processing and
Monitoring System
ESG – Environment, Social and Governance
ESTER – Euro Short-Term Rate
ETCD – Exchange Traded Currency
EWS – Early Warning Signals
FAR – Fully Accessible Route
FCI – Financial Conditions Index
FCP – Financial Consumer Protection
FEDAI – Foreign Exchange Dealers’
Association of India
FEMA – Foreign Exchange Management Act
FFMCs – Full-Fledged Money Changers
FIAC – Financial Inclusion Advisory
FinTech – Financial Technology
FLCs – Financial Literacy Centres
FLW – Financial Literacy Week
FMCBG – Finance Ministers and Central Bank
FPC – Fair Practices Code
FPI – Foreign Portfolio Investment
FPO – Farmer Producer Organization
FPOs – Follow-on Public Offers
FSB – Financial Stability Board
FSDC – Financial Stability and Development
FSPs – Financial Service Providers
GAHs – Gilt Account Holders
GDAL – Granular Data Access Lab
GEM – Government e-Marketplace
GFC – Global Financial Crisis
GFCE – Government Final Consumption
GFD – Gross Fiscal Deficit
GFXC – Global Foreign Exchange Committee
GNDI – Gross National Disposable Income
GRF – Guarantee Redemption Fund
GRIHA – Green Rating for Integrated Habitat
GRQ – General Review of Quotas
G-sec – Government Securities
GVCs – Global Value Chains
HFCs – Housing Finance Companies
HLCCSM – High Level Committee on Currency
Storage and Movement
HRM-SC – Human Resource Management SubCommittee
IBA – Indian Banks’ Association
IBBI – Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of
IBC – Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
IBORs – Inter-Bank Offered Rate
ICCOMS – Integrated Computerised Currency
Operations and Management System
ICEGATE – Indian Customs Electronic Gateway
ICMTS – Integrated Compliance Management
and Tracking System
ICSDs – International Central Securities
ICT – Information and Communication

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