Fake Advisory Services: How to Fix & Avoid

Below is the list of FAKE AND FRAUD SERVICES or people who are doing FRAUD WORK IN THE MARKET. Kindly report their telegram channel as fraud and leave thier group….and never fall into these FRAUDSTERS trap.

What constitutes FRAUD:

  1. If SL hits in paid group , but doesn’t show in free group screenshots
  2. When gives a particular stock for buy or sell, the price has already crossed.

Example: buy reliance above 2061 sl 2051 target 2071. But the price is already 2063, then it’s fraud.

  1. If he takes money and doesn’t reply after that, doesn’t give service, he is fraud.
  2. Photoshop edited profit screenshot and fake reviews
  3. Fake Monthly Performance Report
  4. Non SEBI PMS service
  5. When sell loss hit in paid call and not accepting that call was loss.
  6. Pump and Dump scheme
  7. Copy cats call from another channel.
  8. Unrealistic returns so that become crorepati or millionaire with 10k or 20k etc.
    Other claiming i will guaranteed provide you 50% – 100% returns in a day/week/month.
  9. Using other channel name and claiming them theirs.
  10. Also giving multiple target and shows profit for final target
  11. Fake SEBI registered company using other sebi number and claiming that it is theirs

🚫Fraud Websites & company:-⛔️

1) investindiaFinSer
2) prosperousreasearch
3) A1research
4) wisdomcapital
5) starresearch
6) researchinfotech
7) royaltraders
8) mcxprime
9) traderchoice
10) Bulls commodity
11) Wealth Factor

2) Goldenpicks
3) thedominator5555
4) Magical_profit
6) MCXcrudeoilcallBNK
7) Rudev traders
8) Ashoka_Crude_Tips
9) Sureshot calls
10) Hardik Crude calls
11) Edustock
12) Artificial intelligence
13) Market Star Equity
14) Tiny Pandit Capital
15) Srpika options hedging
16) Victory coach
17) Easy Money Intraday
18) FREE Trading traning
19) Nifty EMA
21) Safe trading Mohit Gupta
22) Zero To Hero Jackpot only
23) Financial Advisor
24) Darshan Tech
25) Trade4TGT
26) Nil’s FNO ZONES
27) Sureshot options calls 100%
28) Banknify HNI calls
29) Intraday Jackpot
30) Agarwal Trades
31) Wealth Mentors
32) Trading Easy
33) Sure Means Sure
34) MCX calls
35) Advance Price Action
37) Trade4Target
38) Derivative CRY
39)Crude wolf calls
41) Scorpion Trade
45) Rahul singh rajput
47) Magic trade with Ashish
48) Trade view research
49) Isquare capita by Imamul haque
50) Money creator
51) Amit Investment
52) Phoenix Tamil Traders
53) Stockwells
54) Trade Kinz
55) Future star
56) R.R Trader
57) Stock alert
58) Nifty Bank Trivia
59) Positional Wolf
60) Equity tips
61) Jackpot stock tips
62) Multibagger stock tips
63) Banknify view
64) Wolf Equity Calls
65) Eagle Intraday Service
66) Capitalpointgrowthsom789
67) Green MTM
68) Crude King
69) Banknify Dominator
70) Tradehouse
71) Surshot FNO MCX Expert
72) Research king Banknifty
73) mcxbullions141
74) Crude Oil Calls
75) 100% big bulls
76) Stock Market players
78) Stock market Guru
79) Nifty50 Dominator
80) Navkar Research
81) Technical calls
82) MCX live research
🚫Fraud INSTAGRAM channel⛔️

1) Dharamik
2) Intraday marker


1) Kuber Trading Academy


1) Anirudh Equity



If anything is missing in the list let us know in the comments section and we will add to the list.

51 thoughts on “Fake Advisory Services: How to Fix & Avoid”

    1. Absolutely Jayesh, we can’t even trace them after they block our number. And they never give us an appointment to meet their team

  1. Totally agree. This group Wolf calls is a complete fraud. Subscribing to this channel’s paid package is one of the biggest mistake that one can do. I am one of the victims. Avoid at any cost else you will lose your remaining capital. These guyz will bombard you with more than 20 random calls of which 2-3 will hit the target and they will start showing some random screenshots, rockets, fire and what not but they will not show 15 other trades where their SL has been hit and your heard earned money had been lost. Avoid at everycost.

    1. You are absolutely right Ravi, you are really doing a great job helping the investors community by sharing your experience.

    2. I am also stuck with Wolf, they cheated my 10k hard earned money, also I tried their calls every time SL hits. When I contacted them they said it will recover.

    1. Its very simple, any person who gives you recommendations will always justify by the fundamentals or technicals. When you search for these reasons you should be able to access in stock exchange filings. It takes hardly 10 minutes of time to verify this.

  2. Stock taurus based out of Bangalore is an fake tips providing company which provides fake calls to the clients by luring unlimited assurances , Last month i have lost 3 lakhs by handing over my account credentials to them as i was busy in my office work ..
    They wiped off my entire capital in 15 days & they are not responding to any of my calls .
    Pls be aware of this company , This is Run by Avinash who doesn’t have any trading experience & his subbordinates

  3. I lost a lot of money with Telegram channels PMS Indigo and Edustock, among others.

    MIllionaire Banknifty Club is also fake. Many times, he deletes calls that failed after giving them. His premium is more pathetic.

  4. Sarthak agrawal

    Sure means sure is the biggest scammer in the list….Such a fool who don’t know trading at all and keeps making the users loss

    1. Can you please explain why are you calling them fraud? Asking as I myself have witnessed a few positive feedbacks for them. Kindly share your experience & guide as I am planning to start trading with their calls soon.

        1. I read this article but I guess I should do paper trading on their calls first for at least one month & then decide. Doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani ho jaaega. What’s your take on this? Shall I proceed this way?

    1. Bhai! Why are you calling them a fraud? I have seen many people praising about their services. Please explain about your experience if you have traded with their calls.

    2. Can you please explain why are you calling them fraud? Asking as I myself have witnessed a few positive feedbacks for them. Kindly guide as I am planning to start trading with their calls soon.

  5. Hello Friends, please read this before taking subscription for this waste fellow paid services.I am not against him but against the way he is running his services or business. I am paid subscriber with below experiences (I have proofs for every point here)
    1. Don’t see his profit screen shots/videos and take the subscription because you won’t get those prices/profits in the execution of these in your demat account while taking positions
    2. He will take position at 250, post the first screen shot with the LTP as 270 but actual market price at that time is 320. Do we need to enter at 320? Why he is not posting when he enters at 250?
    3. He books LOSS and post the screen shot saying exited at 230 (Entered at 250), when we see the market price, it is 190 or 200. So, our exit will be at 190. Why he is not posting when he exited at 230?
    4. He is not posting end of the day screen shots, WHY? Not sure
    5. He is not making & posting videos in YouTube when he is NOT making profits. You tube channel show as he is making 15 profits and 1 loss in a month but actual scene in paid channel is different
    6. He is removing/deleting the loss trade screen shots from the PAID telegram WHY? If you join and go thru the history, you will feel happy as you only see all the profits
    7. He will exit but no updates in telegram, how do you take decision in this case or on that day?
    8. Looks like YouTube channel videos are trailers but actual cinema in paid channel is HORROR
    9. He is asking paid subscribers to add good comments for his videos. WHY he is BEGGING instead he can show good performance?
    10. Are we taking subscription to take positions based on his trades or see only his profits by we enter at higher price and exiting at lower prices (LOSS for us)

  6. Hi Divya,

    Thank you for this service, as this surely save many people from losing money to fraudsters.

    Can you please make a review about 2 telegram groups – Cover order, King Research academy.


  7. Wolf calls nifty banknifty options is 100% fraud, takes rs.9999. free and paid are same. As per Market graph, they give buy call put and within minute change direction. Unrealistic target stoploss. Manytimes stoploss hit but show in their profit on reversal. Daily 2 to 3 lac profit make show and monthly 2 to 3 crore from one lot trade. Big fraudsters.

  8. Magical trade with ashish, iam watching his free telegram channel where he sends fake profit screen shot and he says to buy premium after making money from free channel… but he give 3-5 -10 points … but in stock market every candle gives 5 to 10 points its not a magic…and he deletes negetive comments from youtube and pin’s positive comment.. and in premium group if anybody questions him that he gives 5 points he removes suddey from the group… i dint buy his premium group but i have noticed my friends losing capital from his calls…. i have leaned the analysis from pivot call by vikram and its worth … but need to practice by paper trading atleast you become 80 percent good trader…NO ONE CAN EARN IN STOCK MARKET BY CALLS.. the only way is to learn and practice…

    Have a safe trading journey…..

  9. I am also stuck with Wolf, they cheated my 10k hard earned money, also I tried their calls every time SL hits. When I contacted them they said it will recover.

  10. One more. Sms or Stock Market School. Biggest fraudster she is 90% hits stoploss and when asked gives arrogant answers. She also has free group by the same name SMS or stock marker school something like that. In free group they post nice screen shots and in paid group real fact comes. Beware guys.

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